WordPress Website Development

WordPress – we’re a big fan! Although we use a variety of technologies and platforms to create web sites, one of the best tools available is the Open Source Content Management System (CMS) – WordPress.

Advantages of WordPress Development

Key advantages of WordPress development include the following:

  • Easy to use – the WordPress CMS is meant to work like MS Word. The tool is easy to learn and requires minimal training.
  • Featured rich – WordPress comes with a number of pre-built website features including blogs, e-commerce, XML integration, a document management system and advanced work flows.
  • Free! – WordPress CMS itself is completely free to use. There are no website licensing or maintenance fees.
  • Scalable – it’s easy to extend and add new features to your WordPress website.
  • Customizable – WordPress can be customized to meet any requirements. New functionality can be added on to accommodate very specific requests.
  • Workflow management – website editors can submit their work for approval before content goes live.
  • Publication Management – WordPress allows you to organize your content with custom criteria and meta data.
  • Powerful social networking tool – WordPress is recognized as one of the industry leading tools when it comes to social networking sites.

66sMedia specializes in open source technologies (i.e. PHP & MySQL) and WordPress is recognized as one of the best content management tools in the industry. It’s been used by thousands of different organizations including Disney and even The White House (the most attacked website in the world!)

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