Website Consultation and CMS training

Website consultation

66sMedia Interactive offers consultation in all areas of website strategy, user-testing, online marketing, social media and content management systems (CMS). We co-offer online marketing courses with our partner, 6S Marketing. Together, we run regular training courses in advanced web strategy for business decision makers and senior marketing professionals, as well as specialist courses in several areas, such as:

We also offer face to face consultation in each of these areas, and can offer flexible training programs on-site with our clients. Please call us on 604 200 0236 and ask to speak to one of our website consultants.


CMS training

If you have a new or existing website on a content management system (CMS), such as Drupal, or WordPress, and would like to learn how to be an effective content manager or administrator, 66sMedia can help you with customized CMS training. First, we will access your website and administration needs and create a technical training resource. Then, we can schedule a training session with the key content managers and walk-through real content management scenarios. At the end of the CMS training session, your content management team will have all the neccessary tools and skills to make changes to the website easily.

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