Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

  • Your wait is over. If you are looking to develop an outstanding Website or redesign your existing one all you have to do is get in touch with 66s media. Our Web designers and Website developers are here to assist you.
  • 66s media is a full service website development company that has been providing strategic web design and development in North America . We are based in the beautiful city of Vancouver and is dedicated to creating user-friendly websites that reinforce branding, increase site traffic and strengthen customer loyalty.
  • What makes us different from the rest of the web design companies?
  • We combine online strategy and usability best practices to provide the best website design and most efficient development process. Our iterative process ensures that you have input at every step — and the finished product will be beyond your highest expectations.
  • Our strategic process doesn’t stop after your website is launched (and it shouldn’t). As your business continues to evolve, we help put a plan in place to measure your success and challenges to ensure your website, and your online presence it general, keeps up with you!
Our Web Design and Development Process:
Designed to deliver results


  • 1. Web Project Discovery Research

    Developing a website is a collaborative process between the client and the web development team. It all starts with questionnaires, gathering data ,analysing and understanding the target users and competitors for SEO.

  • 2. Website Structure & Wire Frame

    This is where the hands-on web design and development begins. Developing structure is all about determining how to organize content. The goal is to have a constant logical structure across all pages. We create a well-devised plan that will lay the foundation for everything to come, including visual design.

  • 3. Website Design

    In this step, the visual face of the website design is conceptualized.. All creative design and copy elements are created based on the information and goals established in the above steps. The website wireframe design is then approved, refined and tested.

  • 4. Website Build & Test

    Here, we put all the pieces together and make them work. Production merges content, web design and HTML/Programming into the completed site. This is also the time when we conduct website quality assurance (QA) testing on the website .We test for HTML fluidity, run QA, identify bugs, prioritize the fixes, and fix them. We also test for usability, best practices and collect user feedback, and use this to iron out any kinks.

  • 5. Website Launch

    Once the site has been tested and approved, we prepare for launch. Staff training includes client’s IT department or staff personal who will be in charge of managing the content in all aspects of updating and maintaining the new site will take place.

  • 6. Website Performance Measurement

    As a final step in the Web Design and Development Process, we review the metrics for success and hold a post-project review meeting. Quarterly reviews and website performance report cards are recommended to ensure that the website continues to be effective and deliver value to your organization. All the phases of development are executed in-house, developing a comfortable, strategic and life-long relationship with the client.

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