Remote Usability Testing

What is Remote Usability Testing?

There are many usability testing methods, but with remote usability testing, the user and tester are in separate locations when the testing occurs. In order for this to work, there are two ways of testing the user. Firstly, the user can be viewed via web conference and phone while the usability test is being conducted. The tester is lead through the user scenarios through questions, and the user is completing the tasks on their end.

The other option for remote usability testing is to send the tasks ahead of time to a user who then goes through each task while having a tape made of their interactions. This second option is one that you would use when your user is in a different location and time zone from your tester.Thanks to the internet and usability testing tools, results can can collected and compiled in a quick manner.

Both of these usability testing options produce strong results and can be applied to include any group of people that you want. Remote usability testing can also be very effective if you have a business operating in several different geographic locations.

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