Prototyping with Axure

How can website prototyping help my business?

Imagine that you could make informed design choices, persuade skeptics, easily create and test technical specs… all in one tool: Axure rapid prototyping. Quickly create website prototypes and learn how to apply user centered design with a specification tool that is interactive, can be documented, and is highly collaborative. The best part is that you don’t have to know any coding to begin prototyping websites on Axure.

Our experts can show you with a click of a button that Axure RP can generate your wireframe design into HTML and javascript that can be viewed in IE, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome.  Stakeholders, developers, and testers can view and interact with your prototype without installing Axure RP or a player. Simply publish your prototype to a network drive or web server to easily share your website concepts.

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