Mobile Website Testing

What is Mobile Website Usability Testing?

Mobile website testing focuses on the key design and usability issues that are specific to mobile users and the type of product and service offerings through mobile devices. There are key considerations when testing a mobile website.

  1. Mobile Devices have smaller screens, which means that information must be easy to remember and easy to reach since navigating can be difficult
  2. Typing on a mobile phone is harder – the website should contain more clickable links than text that needs to be typed. Also consider the fact that the individual does not have a mouse to navigate around the screen on a mobile device.
  3. Mobile devices suffer from slower and weaker connection. Including large amounts of images or other media on your mobile site can create a lesser user experience (learn more here about mobile websites). Mobile websites excuse unnecessary content and features that will increase load time.


Why is mobile website testing important?

As the number of mobile internet users continues to grow, it is becoming increasingly important to develop a user-friendly mobile website. It is important to understand that there is a big difference between a website that is mobile friendly and a website that has been designed for a mobile device.You may have invested a lot of time and money on your website, only to find that it does not display properly on mobile devices, which can not only harm your brand’s reputation and credibility, but also drive away your visitors to competitor’s mobile optimized websites. Testing can help identify and remedy these problems before your visitors discover them for themselves.


How is mobile website testing conducted?

Our testing includes both mobile device emulation software and asking users to complete several different tasks on a variety of devices; much like we would on a regular computer; as well as, getting users to navigate through their device on their own. From their feedback, we find ways of improving the user experience.

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