Heuristic Evaluation

What is a Heuristic Evaluation?

heuristic evaluation is a website usability review conducted by three to five experts, who are website strategists and information architects.  It’s an in-depth assessment of your website heuristics (principles of best-practice) through use case scenarios. The experts examine the usability of your website, identify any usability issues that are in violation of a heuristic principle, and prepare a comprehensive issue and causality report.

How is a website heuristic evaluation executed?

A website heuristics evaluation is executed by referencing industry and academic best practices, including Jakob Nielsen’s 10 Heuristics for website Usability. Each of the panel members individually carry out an assessment of the website architecture and walk through a set of predefined user tasks. The panel then comes together to score each of the identified usability issues, and collectively produce a usability report that defines usability issues and their sources. This report will identify priority areas to improve the overall effectiveness and performance of your website.

Why should you choose a heuristic evaluation?

This resulting report from a heuristics evaluation will typically identify 80-90% of the usability issues of your current site. These expert reviews work in tandem with baseline usability testing with real users to give you a clear picture of the usability of your website.

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